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To meet your specific needs, we take the time to audit your property portfolio and get to grips with your context. In this way, we define the right indicators and a consultancy framework adapted to your pace and way of operating, for an optimized, tailored solution.


We use a co-construction approach to propose the most effective solution for your building management profile and processes. Our in-depth knowledge of your real estate assets and the joint work we do together enable us to achieve optimized results and generate maximum impact on your buildings quickly, and without investment.

Long-term relationships

Our constant proximity to our customers enables us to build up a relationship of trust and provide them with the best possible support in achieving their ESG objectives by optimizing their real estate assets. Our approach is centered on your real needs, enabling us to provide you with the most personalized solutions adapted to your challenges. We help you better by knowing you better.

Support tailored
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Collecting your building's data

Collecting your building's data

We collect your consumption (energy, water) and comfort data in real time using IoT sensors installed in your buildings. You can easily visualize this data on our SaaS platform. You get reliable data to establish your ESG strategy and comply with regulations (tertiary sector decree).
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Decarbonize your building without investment

Decarbonize your building without investment

Our energy managers can help you understand and reduce your energy consumption. Our team of experts are in constant contact with your property and facility managers to optimize your equipment settings. In this way, you can reduce the environmental impact of your portfolio, meet the objectives of the tertiary sector decree and enhance the value of your assets.
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Automatically control your building

Automatically control your building

We control your HVAC equipment to automate settings, enabling you to save money while complying with the BACS decree. You don't have to do a thing - we take care of everything.
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can become a player in sustainable real estate

Anthony Godat, Director of Technical Service
Over these four months alone, we avoided the consumption of 136 MWh, representing 19 teqCO2.
Karine Dachary, Deputy Managing Director
To retrieve consumption data, without sensors, it takes 1 year. With sensors, it is done in 1 second. Our consumption calculation is ultra-reactive!
Vincent Aurez, Sustainable Development and Innovation
Agility, differentiation, analytical finesse and pioneering. I think that's enough reasons for those watching to contact iQspot and get in the dance with us. Because the more we are, the better it will be for the climate.

Our innovation for your sustainable real estate transition

To help you visualize and export your data, we’ve created an easy-to-use SaaS platform to enable all stakeholders to feel included in your ESG strategy.

Real-time visualization of your consumption by all your stakeholders

Immediate alert in the event of anomalies

Generation of automatic, decisive energy reports