Whether you are an asset management company, a listed property company or an institutional investor, we can help you build a sustainable real estate transition.

Working together
to reduce your carbon footprint

Our energy managers, experts in energy efficiency, monitor your consumption on a daily basis and advise you on corrective action to be taken to optimise the use of your building. Our team is in daily contact with your property and facility managers to make the right adjustments and maximise the energy and water performance of your buildings.


On average, you can make 16% energy savings without carrying out any work (i-Care study, April 2022). Your buildings are more virtuous, you comply with regulations (tertiary sector decree, European taxonomy) and your tenants are more loyal thanks to the reduction in their energy and water costs.

Reliable, tailored data
for your ESG reports

Thanks to iQspot, you can monitor your building’s various data in real time: energy consumption such as electricity, gas, heating and cooling networks, photovoltaic and wind power production, water consumption and comfort indicators such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, noise and CO2. You can track the data corresponding to your building stock on our SaaS platform and highlight all your actions.


This data can be used on the OPERAT platform to meet the requirements of the tertiary sector decree, or exported using our automatic reports for your various environmental reports.
You can easily assess your carbon and water footprints and integrate them into your ESG report.

In this way, you can demonstrate your environmental performance.

Labelled assets
are assets

iQspot enables you to comply with current regulations (tertiary sector decree, BACS decree, European taxonomy) while enhancing the value of your assets thanks to the support of our teams in obtaining and renewing labels and certifications.

You can improve your score by 3 to 4 points on your SRI label and gain up to 18 credits on BREEAM In-Use. We can also help you achieve HQE Exploitation and Gresb Green Star, as well as all the labels that can add value to your actions.

In this way, your assets become even more attractive.

They trust us

Innovation at the heart of your ESG strategy

Our SaaS platform is the central point for all your actions, helping you to optimise your property portfolio on a daily basis. It's easy to use, and all your stakeholders can access it so that together you can achieve your ESG objectives.

Building your successes together

From July 2021, BNP Paribas REIM has signed an agreement with iQspot to deploy its solution on the Dock-en-Seine building, located in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine (93), on behalf of the SCPI Accimmo Pierre. This full-scale test on a building of almost 16,000 m² delivered in 2013 proved highly conclusive.


“The idea was to be able to analyse energy and water consumption in order to assess the suitability of the solution for this property. With significant energy savings of around 25% over the heating period, iQspot was able to demonstrate its effectiveness and added value on this recent building.

Anthony Godat,

Head of Technical Services, BNP Paribas REIM.

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