Our expertise

To help you decarbonize your real estate portfolio, we organize our expertise into three areas.

Reliable, real-time data: the key to decarbonization

To obtain data on your property portfolio’s energy and water consumption and comfort indicators, our team goes out into the field to install IoT sensors on your various meters. This gives us real-time data and increased knowledge of your building.

Thanks to pre-installation audits, we draw up a metering plan that gives us a precise view of your building. In this way, we can collect detailed, reliable data that will be useful in managing your building.

We can also connect to other software via our API to send or collect data on your buildings. So we can adapt to your organization and offer you a solution that’s easy to implement as part of your overall strategy.

A SaaS platform to make your day-to-day life easier

We offer you a SaaS platform enabling you to view the various data collected in real time. The data is made intelligible through a range of graphs (histograms and consumption histories, scatter plots, etc.), making it easier to understand and use. This understanding gives you a clearer picture of your real estate portfolio, enabling you to make the right decisions in terms of ESG strategy.

Numerous functions, such as over-consumption alerts, automatic energy report generation and an overview of your property portfolio, enable you to better manage your property portfolio, its environmental performance and its value.

It’s also possible to remotely control your HVAC equipment directly from our platform, so that your service providers can make automatic adjustments and save money easily.

What’s more, this platform can be accessed by all your stakeholders (property managers, facility managers, tenants) to facilitate exchanges and involve them all in your ESG approach.

We work with you every day to develop new functionalities that match your needs, and rely on processes like machine learning to offer you an ever more innovative product.

Human support to decarbonize your assets

Our team of energy experts works with you on a daily basis to take the right action in your buildings.

By analyzing your energy consumption, our energy managers can identify areas for improvement and adjust your equipment to save energy quickly and easily.

Our team is in direct contact with your maintenance staff to support them in implementing and monitoring these actions. In this way, you can achieve 16% energy savings without any investment.

Regular meetings are organized with your teams to present the results obtained and the next actions to be taken. You have precise knowledge of your building’s environmental performance and how it is evolving.