About us

the behaviour of buildings and working together for a responsible real estate.

Created in 2015, iQspot is first and foremost the result of a meeting between two engineers. Two PhDs convinced that technology can serve great ecological ambitions, especially in the real estate sector, which is responsible for 40% of energy consumptions and 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Facilitating and enhancing the value of consumption reductions in buildings for tertiary use quickly becomes the central project.

This project will soon bring together other profiles, equally convinced that the path towards sobriety can be facilitated by ingenious solutions, provided they are simple to use.

Profiles with complementary skills, in fields as varied as ethical design, social and developmental robotics, instrumentation, algorithms.

Men and women also experienced in the implementation of CSR policies, environmental certifications and labels, in customer relations, real estate fund management or building operations.

A team entirely devoted to controlling real estate consumption, with a central requirement: developing solutions that are technically reliable and easy to use, and in a general spirit of humility.

By offering viable, simple and turnkey solutions to its clients, iQspot is simply proud to contribute, to its measure, to the necessary real estate energy transition.

The team

Julien Bruneau


Quentin Enard


Maximize the impact and value of your results

Sarah Charles

Customer relationship

Lou Laroche

Customer relationship

Sandra Menendez

Customer relationship

Karidja Coulibaly

Energy management

Widad Mahfoud

Energy management

Understand your needs

Zoé Bodin

Communication and marketing

Marc Lalo


Develop the right product

Paul Fudal


Mathieu Duban

Back-End development

Yann Blanchet

Front-End development

Gabriel Eyheramendy


Abrahim Bamatraf

Back-End development

Myriam Lopez

Data Science

Florian Harmand

Product design

Sarah Charbonnier


Robin Navarro

Front-end development 

Presence on the ground

Christophe Pederiva


Thibaud Estarellas


Alison Gérard

Management support deployment

Massinissa Mohandi


Lucas Dumont


Guillaume Dacquay


Sylvain Remiro

Stock management

Manage the ressources

Nicolas Bonnet-Eymard


Gwladys Abomo

Administrative and financial follow-up

The board

Daniel Pilaud

Managing Director of IT-Translation

IT-Translation is a reference in the financing of digital companies with strong technological assets, in the ultra-priming phase. Co-founder of iQspot, IT-Translation supports the operational team by providing its tools, network and experience. IT-Translation is represented by Daniel Pilaud, former CEO of Polyspace Technologies.

Morgan Carval

For We Positive Invest (Arkéa)

We Positive Invest is Arkéa’s societal innovation fund. Created in 2016 and endowed with €20 million, this fund responds to the Arkéa group’s ambition to support pioneering entrepreneurs in sectors that foreshadow the economy of tomorrow: energy transition, circular economy and social entrepreneurship. We Positive Invest is thus at the heart of the group’s CSR strategy, promoting sustainable economic growth and serving future generations. iQspot is the 5th investment made by We Positive Invest.

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