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the behaviour of buildings and working together for a responsible real estate.

Created in 2015, iQspot is first and foremost the result of a meeting between two engineers. Two PhDs convinced that technology can serve great ecological ambitions, especially in the real estate sector, which is responsible for 40% of energy consumptions and 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Facilitating and enhancing the value of consumption reductions in buildings for tertiary use quickly becomes the central project.

This project will soon bring together other profiles, equally convinced that the path towards sobriety can be facilitated by ingenious solutions, provided they are simple to use.

Profiles with complementary skills, in fields as varied as ethical design, social and developmental robotics, instrumentation, algorithms.

Men and women also experienced in the implementation of CSR policies, environmental certifications and labels, in customer relations, real estate fund management or building operations.

A team entirely devoted to controlling real estate consumption, with à central requirement: developing solutions that are technically reliable and easy to use, and in a general spirit of humility.

By offering viable, simple and turnkey solutions to its clients, iQspot is simply proud to contribute, to its measure, to the necessary real estate energy transition.

The team

Julien Bruneau

CEO — Founder

After obtaining his PhD in computer science at the University of Bordeaux, Julien was a transfer and innovation engineer at INRIA. In 2015, he decided to partner with Quentin and found iQspot. Since then, as CEO, Julien leeds the company’s economic development.

Quentin Enard

CTO — Co-Founder

After obtaining his PhD in computer science at the University of Bordeaux, Quentin decided to join Julien in the adventure of business creation, and co-founded iQspot. Passionate about computers, he takes the role of CTO. He manages the company’s R&D program and all IT developments.

Portrait of Gaelle Ricquebourg

Gaëlle Ricquebourg

Marketing et Communication

A graduate of Kedge Business School, Gaëlle has a long experience in BtoB marketing, purchasing and facility management. She has also been in charge of the CSR policy deployment for a French subsidiary of a major American group. As a CMO, Gaëlle leads the marketing and communication of iQspot.

Olivier BESSON


A graduate of ESSCA Business School, after having worked as an International Account Manager for major telecom groups, Olivier created his own company specialized in project management and general secretariat for real estate and construction companies. He is now our Operations Manager.

Sarah Charles

Energy Management

A graduate of Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique and a former tennis champion, Sarah is our specialist for all energy issues. At iQspot, she is putting all her energy into saving yours !

Lou Laroche

Lou Laroche

Energy Management

A graduate of the ENSCBP (Bordeaux INP), Lou has expertise in many areas of energy: electrical networks, heat exchange, energy storage and conversion, etc.  Experienced in customer support and technical popularisation, Lou is a solid ally to help you optimise the consumption of your property assets!

Paul Fudal


After a master’s degree in “Systems and Networks” and four years as an engineer in social and developmental robotics, Paul joined iQspot to supervise the development of mobile applications. He is now our IoT expert and the specialist of our platform.

Florian Harmand


After a master’s degree in “Multimedia Design”, Florian joined iQspot at the end of 2015 to take care of front-end development. His design work has gradually refocused on the software’s functionalities and interfaces. In parallel, he is conducting a thesis exploring the potential of algorithms in human activities and reinjecting his discoveries into the optimization of our solution.

Xavière Blanc-Le Roux


After a career rich in varied experiences ranging from saleswoman specialized in children’s literature to multi-tasked team member in a catering chain, Xavière followed a Management Assistant NHC, and joined us to support us in all our administrative and accounting procedures.

Alexandre Brébant

Data Science

After obtaining his master’s degree in “Algorithms and Formal Methods”, Alexandre joined iQspot as a Data Scientist. Today, he designs data analysis algorithms to automate the diagnosis and recommendations of the iQspot service. The human intelligence behind the artificial intelligence, that’s him!

Thibaud Estarellas


Graduated with a master’s degree in “Design, Use and Marketing of Physical Instrumentation”, Thibaud is our specialist in sensors and their installation… You may come across him when the solution is implemented in your premises. But you’ll have to be lucky: in addition to doing it well and discreetly, he does it quickly!

Gabriel Eyheramendy


Graduated with a master’s degree in “Design, Use and Marketing of Physical Instrumentation”, saxophonist, former footballer -and still a great fan of this sport-, Gabriel is also a sensor expert. From their preparation to their deployment, through their testing and technological improvement, Gabriel does everything possible to ensure that they perfectly meet the needs on the ground.

Mathieu Duban


Keen player of team sports, today regional handball referee, Mathieu holds a Master’s degree in software engineering.
At iQSpot, he works on the back-end to ensure the reliability and consistency of the data collected, an essential point in our business and value proposition.

The team often welcomes trainees… Some extraordinary students, whom we would like to thank here:

Eléonore (Energy Management / Mines Atlantique), Damien (Mathematical Models / Mines Albi), Jean Cyrus (Predictive Models / Polytechnique Paris), Axel (Energy Management / ENSE3 Grenoble), Maxime (Energy Management / Mines Atlantique), Stella (Back End / ISEN Toulon), Harith (Data Science / University of Bordeaux) …

The board

Nicolas Bonnet-Eymard

Senior Advisor

With a financial background, Nicolas has more than 20 years of experience in private equity and real estate. After starting his career at BNP Paribas, he joined Maaf Assurances in 1998. In 2006, he co-founded the independent real estate fund management company Oreima. In charge of CSR policy, he actively contributes to the environmental certification of real estate assets and the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) certification of managed funds. Nicolas is a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Xavier Boulanger

Chairman of BDPROM

With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate project management and over 20 years in team management, Xavier Boulanger has, alone or in a team, developed, designed, sold and carried out real estate transactions of all kinds, from housing to offices, including EHPADs, service residences and public facilities.

Daniel Pilaud

Managing Director of IT-Translation

IT-Translation is a reference in the financing of digital companies with strong technological assets, in the ultra-priming phase. Co-founder of iQspot, IT-Translation supports the operational team by providing its tools, network and experience. IT-Translation is represented by Daniel Pilaud, former CEO of Polyspace Technologies.

Morgan Carval

For We Positive Invest (Arkéa)

We Positive Invest is Arkéa’s societal innovation fund. Created in 2016 and endowed with €20 million, this fund responds to the Arkéa group’s ambition to support pioneering entrepreneurs in sectors that foreshadow the economy of tomorrow: energy transition, circular economy and social entrepreneurship. We Positive Invest is thus at the heart of the group’s CSR strategy, promoting sustainable economic growth and serving future generations. iQspot is the 5th investment made by We Positive Invest.

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