Our offers

Working together to meet your needs.

We’re convinced that tailoring our offer to each of our customers enables us to offer you smoother, faster and, above all, more efficient solutions. By understanding your objectives, expectations and timetable, we co-create the solid foundations of our support.


Our service takes the form of an annual subscription that can be easily integrated into your tenants’ services.

Understanding your building

In today’s investment real estate market, the need to collect reliable consumption and production data is of paramount importance for your reporting and regulatory obligations. That’s why we can collect your data on energy consumption, water consumption and comfort indicators in real time. We also enable you to track your energy production, whether photovoltaic or wind-generated.

These data can be retrieved in a variety of ways, via our IoT sensors installed in your buildings, via API or via BMS, depending on your needs and constraints, and all by building. This data can then be consulted and easily understood on our SaaS platform. Reports and meetings are scheduled on an ad hoc basis with our teams to keep you informed of developments in your energy performance. We also train your asset managers on our SaaS platform so that they can understand your data and produce reports themselves.

Already have an ESG platform? We can connect to it and send you the data you’ve collected. We adapt to each of your buildings, your equipment and your existing software to ensure that your data is reliable, relevant and accessible in real time.

Decarbonize your building without investment

In addition to monitoring your consumption and production, we can help you make energy savings to decarbonize your building stock.

To achieve this, it is essential to place energy management at the heart of your ESG strategy. Whether in-house, outsourced to property managers or facility managers, or outsourced to our team of energy experts, we can adapt to your needs. We can train your teams and service providers, and raise awareness among your tenants. We’ll work with you to design the support package that’s right for you.

As a result, you’ll be able to meet the requirements of the French tertiary sector decree, obtain your own labels (ISR, GRESB) and certifications (HQE Exploitation, Breeam In-Use), and enhance the value of your assets.

Automatically control your building

Controlling your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) equipment is essential to comply with BACS regulations. We offer you a lightweight, low-investment solution to ensure compliance.

Our platform is connected directly to your equipment to provide automatic adjustments to improve the environmental performance of your buildings.

We then co-construct the support that best suits your organization. Whether you require training for your stakeholders (asset managers, property managers or facility managers) or a service provided by our team of energy experts, we work together to optimize the operation of your buildings. In this way, you meet all the requirements of the BACS decree.

How to comply with regulations, certifications and labels

  BACS decree Tertiary decree EU taxonomy ISR label GRESB BREEAM In-Use HQE
Understanding your building X X   X X X X
Decarbonize your building XX XX X XX XX XX XX
Control your building automatically XXX   XX XXX XXX XXX XXX