Automatic collecting of consumption data

iQspot continuously collects and aggregates data emitted by sensors installed on various kind of meters (water, electricity, gas, heating and air conditioning networks… ). Those IoT sensors have an operating time of several years and allow you to know remotely what is happening locally. Say goodbye to visual meter reading and/or to tenant invoices hunt: with iQspot, you know all your fluid consumptions, any time, and can use this data independently.

Real-time data analysis and alerts

iQspot algorithms analyse data along the way to generate relevant alerts and help you to better understand your buildings activity. Now you have a concrete solution to : detect automatically unusual consumptions, instantly measure the impact of your repair or improvement works, and understand how your buildings behave according to the weather.

Smart information restitution

The iQspot interface allows you to visualize at a glance, in real time and reliably, the consumptions of your building portfolio. It also allows you to access your energy performance indicators, according to the granularity you want, and to easily use this information and/or integrate it in your CSR reports.

An easy, quick and non-invasive installation in 4 steps :

Building visit

A building visit is planned before installation to establish the metering plan and define the equipment required for optimal operation.

Deployment of sensors and software configuration

A simple and quick step performed in a few hours by us, without any interruption of operations on your site.

Commissioning of the solution

Transmission and exploitation of data are effective. Your accounts are created. You have access to iQspot and all your consumptions in real time.

Data analysis at work

Thanks to iQspot clever display, you can now easily identify anomalies and configure relevant alerts. You are informed of consumption deviations and can follow live the impact of your repair or improvement work. Your CSR indicators are automatically updated and you can export all of your data.

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