The tertiary sector accounts for a third of energy consumption (source: IFPEB OID) and 39% of greenhouse gas emissions from the property sector as a whole (source: Government). In 2019, the tertiary sector spent almost €22.5 billion on its final energy consumption (source: DATALAB, Ministry of Ecological Transition).
In order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, and to make it easier to comply with regulations and then enhance the value of your assets, iQspot provides a comprehensive building energy optimisation tool and solution for an immediate impact on your energy consumption and a tailor-made response to your ESG strategy.
iQspot collects energy data in real time from your buildings’ energy meters, and can also aggregate previous data based on invoices or data from your energy supplier. Our team reviews and consolidates the data to ensure reliable indicators and comprehensive energy reports.

The iQspot solution is easy,
quick and non-invasive,
in just 4 steps

Site visit

A site visit is scheduled before the IoT sensors are installed to establish the metering plan and define the hardware required for optimal operation.

Deploying IoT sensors

It’s a quick and easy process, carried out by us in just a few hours, with no interruption to your site’s operations.

Platform commissioning and software set up

This is the start of data transmission between our IoT sensors and our iQspot App platform. The data exploitation begins. Your App iQspot accounts are created. Now, you can see all your consumption in real time.

Data analysis and energy-saving advice

Our Energy Managers contact you and start analyzing your data. From the first month, our team gives you some recommendations on your building’s settings to save money. This way, you can improve quickly your building’s energy performance.

Asset manager

Property manager

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