A comprehensive solution to meet your needs

Automatic alert in case of anomaly

By placing IoT sensors on your various meters, iQspot Energy and iQspot Water enable you to monitor your energy consumption (electricity, gas, heating and cooling network), your energy production (photovoltaic, wind) and your water consumption in real time. You receive an automatic alert if any anomaly occurs, such as a water leak. This enables you to act as quickly as possible and avoid over-consumption by optimizing your building’s settings.

iQspot Comfort & Health lets you monitor indicators such as temperature, humidity, brightness, noise and CO2 in real time, to ensure optimum comfort for your tenants.

Daily advice

Our Energy Managers work with you to understand the causes of your building’s anomalies and give you advice on how to optimize its use.

By recommending corrective actions, our team makes it easier for you to meet the targets imposed by the French tertiary decree.

This way, you benefit from personalized support and advices to improve the energy performance of the buildings under your management.

Control your expense budget

Thanks to the optimised settings recommended by our Energy Managers, you gain an average of 16% in energy savings without any work (i-Care study, April 2022).

You also benefit from greater availability of your water resources thanks to rapid leak detection (i-Care study, April 2022). Managing your building is much easier and provides a better experience for your tenants.

Furthermore, your service charge budget is under control. There are no surprises on your bills, and your tenants see their bills go down. It’s a win-win situation.

Reporting support

Thanks to our comprehensive solution, you have access to reliable, accurate data in real time for all your flows, uses and zones. This enables you to report precisely on the actions carried out on your buildings and measure their impact. You have quantified data for your entire building, and can report easily to your asset managers.

You can provide your asset managers with high-impact reports in no time.

Our customers testimonials

Regarding Iléo, figures are impressive:
732 MWh saved over this first year (…),
i.e. 21.2% energy savings.”

Mohamed Sdiri
Technical Manager

Photo portrait de Karl Bricheteau

“Alerts come to us.
We can act quickly.
iQspot gives us credibility (…) and a concrete response to the requirements imposed by the tertiary decree.”

Karl Bricheteau

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