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Thierry Molton

“Thanks to iQspot, we now have a dynamic overview of our real estate portfolio, enabling us to quickly correct any identified consumption irregularities.
This allows us to maintain an optimised level of charges for our tenants, thereby increasing the marketability of our assets.”

Thierry Molton
Managing director
La Française REM

“To retrieve consumption data, without sensors, it takes 1 year.
With sensors, it is done in 1 second. Our consumption calculation is ultra-reactive!”

Karine Dachary
Deputy General Manager

Novaxia Investissement

“In 2022, we deployed the iQspot sensors and solution to monitor the buildings of our impact investment fund called Novaxia NEO. This technology is the perfect match with Novaxia Group’s social and environmental commitment. It is now at the service of our tenants and used throughout Europe.”

Daniel Wagensberg
Ex – Senior Asset Manager

“Over these four months alone, we avoided the consumption of 136 MWh, representing 19 teqCO2.”

Anthony Godat
Director of Technical Service
BNP Paribas REIM

Logo QuaeroCapital

“Loyal tenants, with an increase in the surface area leased and the average rent, and new tenants on vacant lots.”

Jérôme Dulon
Director of Asset Management
Quaero Capital


“Regarding Iléo, figures are impressive: 732 MWh saved over this first year (…), i.e. 21.2% energy savings.”

Mohamed Sdiri
Technical Manager

Cédric Jounel
Roland Gosselin Imodam

“We achieved an average of 15% energy savings in the first year. Our collaboration with iQspot is just as interesting from a financial point of view as it is from an environmental one.”

Cédric Jounel
Ex – Technical Director

Photo portrait de Karl Bricheteau

“Alerts come to us. We can act quickly. iQspot gives us credibility (…) and a concrete response to the requirements imposed by the tertiary decree.”

Karl Bricheteau
Solaris Gestion

“iQspot is a really nice tracking tool that allows you to save money quickly.”

Marthe Salbreux
Associate Director
Solaris Gestion

“Thanks to iQspot, we were able to go one step further and obtain the “Breeam in-Use Very Good” label for one of our 17,000 sqm office assets.”

Julien Rouillon
Managing Director,
Real Estate

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They set us apart

iQspot has been labelled “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” in December 2020. “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” is an international label, which rewards positive impact solutions, combining environmental protection and financial viability. It is awarded following a strict evaluation by independent external experts and is based on high standards of sustainability and profitability.

I-Care, an independent environmental strategy consulting firm, conducted an evaluation in 2022 to estimate the real environmental impacts of iQspot solution. It was able to show that on average iQspot allows 16% energy savings and 2.6kgCO2/sqm of surface GHG savings per year.

iQspot is a laureate of the i-Nov innovation competition run by BPI France and ADEME in the Sustainable Building – Energy Efficiency in Buildings category. This government-funded competition supports our PEPIT R&D project, which was selected for its high potential for the French economy.

iQspot is a NA20 2022 laureate. Launched in 2021, the NA20 is an initiative led by French Tech Bordeaux, aiming to highlight each year startups in New Aquitaine actively working to reconcile growth, job creation in the territory and societal and / or environmental impact.

iQspot is part of the France Digitale and Bpifrance Le Hub 2023 Impact Startup mapping. This mapping brings together French startups that use innovation for impact, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

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