Automatic collecting
and real-time analysis
of building energy consumption.

equipped buildings

700.000 sqm
followed in real time

Your Facility Managers are immediately warned in case of an anomaly. They can act without delay.

You can measure the real impact of actions taken in order to improve the energy efficiency within your buildings (improvement work, fine adjustments, behaviour changes…).

You dispose of reliable indicators for all your energy and CSR-oriented reportings.

You improve the energy performance of your buildings, better control your costs, and make it valuable to your tenants. Your property assets become more attractive.

iQspot collects energy consumption data in your buildings. All data. Continuously and in real time.
And that changes everything.

A friendly tool totally energy-efficiency oriented

iQspot analyzes in real time consumption variations. Very quickly, you identify structural anomalies. And thanks to automatic alerts, you can react immediately and effectively in case of consumption drift.

An immediate and reliable response to energy reporting obligations

With iQspot, you have exact, exhaustive and homogeneous data at any time, for your entire portfolio, and according to the granularity you want. An optimal level of reliability to report on your energy consumption.

A creator of added value for your real estate portfolio

iQspot guarantees you a better control of energy and water consumption costs. You meet the growing economic and ecological requirements of lessees. Your real estate portfolio gains in attractiveness and competitiveness.

iQspot is aimed at real estate investment and asset management companies, and more generally owners and managers of building portfolio.

In just a few months of use, we have already identified actions to implement in order to correct the energy path of some of our buildings.

Karine Dachary Deputy General Manager at Foncière INEA

Thanks to the iQspot solution, we are now moving to a dynamic management of our real estate portfolio, allowing us to be reactive in case of detected consumption anomalies. This allows us to ensure our tenants an optimized level of expenses, thus making our assets more liquid.

Thierry Molton Director of Corporate Real Estate Asset Management at La Française REM

Thanks to iQspot sensors installed on the water and electricity meters of the buildings I manage, I can constantly monitor the operation of buildings and quickly detect malfunctions, such as leaks or overconsumption. iQspot also helps us to adjust the level of electrical power demand determined in the contract. If we find that the level set is too high, we adjust the contract, which has the effect of reducing the amount of the subscription. iQspot is really a very nice tracking tool that allows you to save money quickly.

Marthe Salbreux Associate Director at Solaris

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