16% of energy savings,
immediately, without any renovation.

Decarbonise your asset.

Label your funds.

3.600.000 sqm
followed in real time

"Without sensors, it takes 1 year to retrieve the consumption data. With sensors, 1 second is enough. Our consumption calculation is ultra-reactive!"

Karine Dachary
Deputy General Manager at Foncière INEA

"Thanks to iQspot, we now have a dynamic overview of our real estate portfolio, enabling us to quickly correct any identified consumption irregularities. This allows us to maintain an optimised level of charges for our tenants, thereby increasing the marketability of our assets."

Thierry Molton
Director of Corporate Real Estate Asset Management at La Française REM

“In 2022, we deployed the iQspot sensors and solution to monitor the buildings of our impact investment fund called Novaxia NEO. This technology is the perfect match with Novaxia Group’s social and environmental commitment. It is now at the service of our tenants and used throughout Europe.”

Daniel Wagensberg
Senior Asset Manager at Novaxia

iQspot collects and analyses all of your buildings’ energy consumption data.

Continuously and in real time. And it changes everything.

Your assets gain in performance and attractiveness.

Labelling your funds is made easier.


Impact : Consumption irregularities are revealed as soon as iQspot is installed. You save up to 25% in energy and CO2, without any investment.

ESG REPORTING : Energy, CO2, Water, Confort, Waste… Energy, CO2, Water, Comfort, Waste… Access real and reliable data for all your asset or fund certifications (GRESB, SFDR 8/9, Breeam in-Use, HQE…) in a simple click.

REACTIVITY : You and your services providers ( e.g. Property or Facility Managers) are alerted immediately of any consumption irregularities. You can act without delay.

Take care

DECISION SUPPORT : You know remotely and in real time what is the behaviour and use of your buildings. You can choose on which ones to prioritise your investments, and measure the ROI. You maintain the bond of trust with your tenants.

A powerful lever to obtain your labels

With iQspot, you have exact, exhaustive and homogeneous data,  at any time, for any building of your portfolio, and according to the granularity you want. An optimal level of reliability to report on your energy consumption and GHG emissions, as well as your water consumption, tenant comfort or waste production.

A friendly tool totally carbon- and energy-efficiency oriented

iQspot analyses in real time consumption variations. Very quickly, you identify structural anomalies. And thanks to automatic alerts, you can react immediately and effectively in case of consumption drift.

A creator of added value for your real estate portfolio

iQspot guarantees you a better control of energy and water consumption costs. You meet the growing economic and ecological requirements of lessees. Your real estate portfolio gains in attractiveness and competitiveness.

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