A comprehensive solution to meet your needs

Real-time monitoring of your consumption

Thanks to iQspot Energy and iQspot Water, you can monitor your energy consumption (electricity, gas, heating or cooling network), your energy production (photovoltaic, wind) and your water consumption in real time by installing IoT sensors on your various meters. You’ll be alerted immediately if an anomaly appears, so you can act as quickly as possible to avoid over-consumption.

iQspot Comfort & Health lets you monitor data relating to your tenants’ well-being in real time. Temperature, humidity, brightness, noise, CO2: these different indicators enable you to adapt your settings for optimum comfort, with the help of our energy managers. So you can take care of your tenants and build their loyalty.

Data analysis and advice
in energy efficiency

Our Energy Managers, experts in energy efficiency, monitor your daily energy consumption and advise you on corrective actions to be taken to optimize the use of your building.

Thanks to our comprehensive solution (IoT sensors, iQspot App platform, expertise), you can achieve an average energy savings of 16% without any work. Your buildings will be greener, and your tenants will be more loyal thanks to lower energy and water costs.

The solution for your certifications and labels

iQspot Energy enables you to comply with current regulations (tertiary sector decree, BACS decree, European taxonomy) while enhancing the value of your assets through the support in obtaining and renewing labels or certifications. You can improve your rating by 3 to 4 points on your SRI label and earn up to 18 credits on BREEAM In-Use.

iQspot Water enables you to earn up to 20 credits on BREEAM In-Use and significantly improve your HQE Exploitation rating for water management.

iQspot Comfort & Health also helps you earn up to 12 credits on BREEAM In-Use and significantly improve your HQE Exploitation rating for hygrothermal comfort, olfactory comfort and air quality.

Your assets gain in attractiveness.

Help with your ESG reporting

Today, communication on extra-financial performance (ESG) is, if not mandatory, a key differentiator for tertiary real estate investment players. You can assess your carbon and water footprints by collecting consumption data and integrating them into your CSR report. You can also monitor the comfort and health of your tenants by tracking quality of life indicators.

This way, you ensure the well-being of your tenants and demonstrate your environmental performance.

Our customers testimonials

“Over these 4 months alone, we avoided the consumption of 136 MWh, representing 19 teqCO2.”

Anthony Godat
Director of Technical Service

Thierry Molton

“Thanks to iQspot, we now have a dynamic overview of our real estate portfolio, enabling us to quickly correct any identified consumption irregularities.

This allows us to maintain an optimised level of charges for our tenants, thereby increasing the marketability of our assets.”

Thierry Molton
Chief Executive

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