Poste Immo

Poste Immo

SCC Libourne, Poitiers Maillochon

Since October 2015

Poste Immo is taking part in the Cube2020 contest in which the contestants must reduce the energy consumption of their building by involving all the occupants. Two Poste Immo buildings have been fitted with the iQSpot software.

The first building, located in Libourne, has been able to keep track of its energy performance since October 2015. The 2 400m2 building has the right tools to involve all the occupants to reduce the energy consumption. The second agency in Poitiers Maillochon, fitted with iQSpot, can also monitor it consumption.

Let us take up the challenge!

Poste Immo Libourne
Poste Immo Libourne
Post Immo Écran

POSTE IMMO, the real estate and property management company of Groupe La Poste, participates in the CUBE 2020 contest and uses the iQSpot solution. The objective is to reduce the energy consumption by engaging the occupants and by optimizing the equipments. Since november 2015, the collaborators in the Services Clients Courrier building in Libourne can monitor their water, electric and gas consumption. Thus, they can adapt their behavior and decrease the building energy consumption.

— M. Philippe Corbel, Regional General Manager, POSTE IMMO Sud-Ouest Atlantique —

Cube 2020

Cube2020 is a contest organised by the French government for companies. The challenge for the contestants is to improve their habits in sustainable development and to decrease their energy consumption.